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Personal development Plan

December 9, 2010

For my fist Post I would be honored, and I could not resist to the temptation to offer you his wonderful way of expressing his ideas, to publish the thoughts of a someone who I really admire and that I feel intellectually very close. Thank you, Dinis.

To have a great life one needs to work in a good balance between our personal passions, needs and career, work. In order to make this self-development the first thing to bear in mind is to understand the intrinsic subtleties of our desires and personality first of all. It is necessary to set clear goals and goals, and write them down, read it very often and rewrite, adapt them from time to time. This is a continuous work. And the first question is what’s your biggest passion(s). What makes you awake every morning happy and with light in the eyes?
Also “as you think so shall you see!”. This quote has weighted in my balance and it gives me a sober look at things and it helps me to demystify any myth that I created because of my fears, scars, social background, cultural or religious environment, education and so forth.
How do we than organize a behavior program of personal development around concrete goals and needs, targeting what is really important. One does this being consistent with the real goals not other people advice/s, or suggestions. This is critical to remind ourselves, everyday that we just live one existence, our life!
Moreover it is of utmost importance to be completely open-minded. The world changes faster than sometimes our thoughts and the most important lesson is to be always looking to learn, listen, to continually educate ourselves and be ready to evolve around our own program and manage failures as part of an optimization process. Also you have to be ready to adapt and mutate but don’t (never) sacrifice the core values! In the end it is what one gets! This being consistent with promise, goals and please never wait for perfection, there is no such thing as perfection. What you have is finished projects, goals, dreams. But bear in mind be determined to deliver the basics and do focus on delivering! But step by step and don’t be obsessed about wanting everything at the same time. Things have their own time, create processes, be patient.
Some strategical questions to work out first:
Where you want to be?
Where you are today?
What are your special qualities, capacities, passions?
How can you develop and improve your skills?
How can you be in charge of your life, emotional, material, sentimental?
And what are the main gaps to get there?
Are you doing enough to get there?
A good exercise is to do a personal SWOT analysis:
What are your SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
Do this without any kind of prejudice;
Try to be very humble, honest, objective;
Than on the top of each answer develop an action plan to each of these analysis / research.
Another set of questions important to ask first:
How do you see yourself in one year?
How do you see yourself in 5 years?
How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Also the most difficult of the questions, if you would die tomorrow how do you would like to be remembered?
Than the exercise is to think and work out how to get there. Research as much as possible thinking in ways of getting the key. Than one needs to set a precise list of tasks to get there.
Write minimum 20 to 30 tasks in order to establish a plan to get there. While writing the list you will find some things you never thought about it. Also you will realize if you are indeed working to reach these goals.
The critical question is are you going in that direction, have you been doing enough to get what you wanted?
The following exercise is more personal. It is a meditation about your personal in balance. You need to get to understand if you are in a bridge between the inner self, its scars, its memories, deceptions. The questions to ask yourself are something like this:
How are you dealing with your dreams, your biggest dreams did you think about it for a while?
What you dreamed when you were a child are you still working for it?
When you think about a perfect life are you doing enough to go there?
Write down you dream wish list and check what have you been doing to get that?
Have you been looking at the example of the people you used as models for your dreams?
Are you doing what they did?
Also important is to set clear goals for the next 10 months, for this week… This will set a clear path to what we want to achieve and create a disciplined method of approach and focus. Most of people that don’t achieve what they want is because they did not do enough to get it. Not that anyone is special over others. We are all able to reach our dreams. The main difference is that some of us work for it and most of the people simple don’t do enough to get it.
Than with this in mind look at the best ways of getting what you want.
What do you need material wise to get close to what you wandered?
Economically what are the jobs that correspond match to these reflection of yours?
What are the jobs that match your exercise?
Moreover who are the people that are doing these kind of jobs?
What did they do, where did they study, what courses, workshops are there to get those skills?
How did they reach there, have you been looking at case studies?
Are you talking with these people, have you tried?
Are they in your network, in your circle of friends?
Are you learning, interacting with them?
This will help you get closer to the trailer of the best ways to get what you want.


One Comment
  1. imotions permalink

    merci beaucoup Zlatina. the best self development is self awareness, to be there besides our dreams without fearing our own shadow. to learn how to listen to voice of silence. and follow the instinct of our own ethics, our deep knowledge that there are no limits to life. our brain and the way we pump it with the blood of the heart is our own limitation.

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